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Working with Patricia Leslie (Ricia) has been an amazing and transformative experience. I joined her EFT and Matrix program a month after I was diagnosed with Advanced Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She is extremely compassionate and intuitive. I’ve worked with her for about 4 months now and it has been such a freeing and healing experience. As a result of my work with Pat, the stress and anxiety around the diagnosis has eased; I have released the fear of death and am now free to focus on my healing; and I have released toxic emotions that were blocking my healing. Initially, I was so full of fear, rage, sadness and disappointment that I didn’t believe it could work for me but it did! Each time we meet my energy lightens, and I have a greater sense of freedom, healing and wholeness.
Thank you for all you do Pat! I now have a greater sense of confidence, hope and an empowered way to cope with the many phases of this chronic disease.

Coach LaTalya Palmer, Maryland, USA

I have had CBT and Psychodynamic counselling before and although they helped somewhat; EFT has been a revelation. It has had lasting effect due to the connection made between key points on the body and different emotions. I found it enlightening because the technique also looks at the origins of these feelings followed by the ‘reprogramming’ of thoughts and release of pent up negative energy. I would highly recommend doing a course of EFT with Ricia as it has been a life changing experience.

Temi – Careers Adviser

Good morning, I hope you’re well. Just wanted to say Thank You again for the session yesterday, it has given me the best night sleep I’ve had in years, gotten rid of lower back pain, I didn’t need to get up once in the night to go to the toilet and I remembered my dreams for the first time in ages! Will definitely make it part of my daily ritual and will be in touch soon to see how else you can assist my healing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙏🏾

D, Events Planner

I had begun my session with Ricia feeling agitated and stuck about moving forward with my business. In less than an hour she helped me clear the stress, uncover an unexpected fear of failure regarding the step I needed to take, and identify new and different ways to move forward. I felt calm and unafraid to take that next step.

Ali, Communications Consultant, Australia.

I found Ricia to be a warm and genuine practitioner. She used EFT to help me move forward with confidence in driving, after a traumatic accident, this was done in a gentle and non-intrusive way and I felt very uplifted and positive after a few sessions with her. I was also able to look at, and to let go of, underlying feelings such as fear and guilt which had been stopping me moving forward in my life with joy. I would not hesitate to recommend Ricia to anyone.

Toni, Library Assistant/Support Worker with children and homeless families/p/t Counsellor

Heartfelt thank you for our powerful EFT session.  During the session I remembered memories from my early childhood that instantly resonated with the intense emotions I had been feeling over the last couple of weeks. It all somehow ‘made sense’ as I was able to acknowledged and integrate these memories. That night I had powerful dreams of my car disappearing and feeling slightly panicked.  I have woken today with a deep sense of clarity , calm and gratitude .  Thank you for bringing and sharing your gift to the world.

Also, interestingly when I spoke with my sister last night I was coughing through most of our conversation …. more energy moving

Angie, Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor

As is often the case when embarking on a course of therapy, you start of believing you are going to focus on one thing only to find your exploring something completely different. My initial aim for seeing Ricia was to tap into supressed memories from my past, however it wasn’t long before I found myself opening a future that I’d only have dreamed of. I am now on a fantastic journey towards a future filled with plans and big ambitions that in the past were only considered as pipedreams. Thank you Ricia for opening up a whole new future I never thought possible.

Tunde, Psychotherapist

” I remember my first phone call to Ricia… I was tearful, nervous and unable to manage the flare ups of anxiety I was constantly experiencing. I had always sufferd a lack of self worth and fear of failure but I hadn’t realised the negative impact these were having on so many different aspects of my life. I particular, my decision making.

Working with Ricia allowed me to tap in to all the denied emotions and supressed pain I had unkowingly been habouring for years. She created a calm, comfortable and supportive environment that allowed me to open up with ease. Through EFT and coaching sessions and suggested reading Ricia provided me with various coping mechanisms that are now an essential part of my everyday life. 

Now, twelve months later, I have elevated my emotional intelligence, I speak my truth and am once again able to be vulnerable. Ricia has so positively transformed my outlook and I know I will rely on her life coaching for a long time to come.”  

V, Fashion Designer

I contacted Rica almost a year ago when I was at a place in my life where I felt lost, stuck and confused with my relationship, work and just life! I was unable to think clearly and she helped me to organise my thoughts with the questions and techniques that she brought to our sessions. Rica helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was getting this from my life. She showed and gave me the courage in what I needed to do to make things happen for me. 

I’m still on a journey, but my life and outlook has changed for the better and that wouldn’t have happened without Ricia.  

Sally, Senior Fashion Designer 

“An hour with Ricia will fly by and most of the time you’ll be smiling with delight as the discussions are comfortable, inspiring and relaxed. Ricia has the ability to come up with an original insight or a new take on a problem and, since our discussions, the recognition that most things are possible and the feeling of peace has stayed with me.  Ricia has a real gift for making you feel at ease and secure in the knowledge that you’ve found someone who can help you at any time.
Wholeheartedly recommended!!! Love and best wishes. x”

Celia, Legal Sec

“I feel like I have grown almost a complete stage in my life since I have worked with Ricia Leslie and things about me are continuing to develop at such a rapid pace. From me taking one intentional step in my life, everything has started to transform and evolve. It’s quite amazing how much life can move when we make little baby steps and create major adult life changes—positive life changes towards our destiny and happiness. This experience has been extremely rewarding and I not only see Ricia as a life coach, but as a lifetime coach because her support has created a place for her in my life and the decisions I make in the future. I know that this process will help me again and again. I have made a lot of progress but I will definitely benefit from her support again as I strive to reach my full potential. I thank God for connecting with the right person and I am so thankful for her!” 

Tanneshia Kilgore, Chicago

“. . . This time in my life is about taking care of myself . . . I feel so much lighter and at peace with this decision. I am so glad you are my coach, just writing the e-mail helped me to get clarity. Your response just confirmed what I already knew but didn’t want to listen to.
Thank you for being there.”

Executive Trainer

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